Learn a little about our history and how Maglen Resort has evolved to provide the best services and attention to our visitors.


It is born from the vision of Ensenaden families, with the conviction of giving a sense of belonging to this concept that combines architecture, gastronomy, passion and delivery in a natural environment.


The construction of the Las Villas area begins and with much effort, in times of economic recession, it opened its doors to the public in 2012.



In 2012 began the foundation of the Tesela area and began operations in 2014, a concept that invites us to enjoy the flora and fauna of Valle de Guadalupe, and at the same time experience luxury and comfort.


Restaurante Hache, our first kitchen opens its doors. Located in Las Villas, offering an extensive menu of regional specialties, with a menu concentrated on breakfast and bajamed food.


The Encimal

The Encinal is started in 2014 and in 2015 it begins its functions. Characterized by its vegetation, where you will find the perfect balance between cutting-edge design and fine finishes.

Wine cellar

The wine cellar opens its doors in 2015 to offer the public quality wine, with colors and flavors for the delight of their senses. The labels to taste our Cava are: Sauvignon Blanc, Mix of Reds, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.



Bider was born due to the great tourist offer in Valle de Guadalupe, with the purpose of offering the complete experience and providing a quality service to the public in terms of tours and transportation.

Cantera Restaurant

Cantera opens its doors in 2017 to offer the public a French style of food combined with the Bajamed characteristic of Baja California.


Cevecería Ruta 90.8

Here you will find the perfect combination between craft beer, cuisine, landscape and atmosphere that only the valley can offer you. Delight yourself with our four types of house beers as well as with more than 13 different types of craft beers.


Wine tasting room Maglén

Enjoy an incredible stay in our tasting room where you can appreciate our production tanks and storage barrels of our wines. As you taste the different varietals, all your senses will delight in the characteristics that make our wines deliciously peculiar.

Maglen Resort

Today we have 50 rooms, 3 swimming pools, various areas for outdoor events with varied atmospheres, two meeting rooms, 2 kitchens, an extensive wine list and vehicle rental. An artisanal brewery, a winemaking, vineyards and a great passion for the service that help us provide our guests with a wonderful stay.

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