'La Bufadora', the most impressive marine geyser in Mexico that few know

Do you feel like getting to know Baja California and you haven't done it yet? Here another reason not to postpone it anymore and to know this wonderful state full of natural attractions that will captivate you at any time of the year. An example of this is'The Bufadora‘.

The second largest marine geyser in the world, is in Mexico!

Located just an hour and a quarter from Maglén Resort, 'La Bufadora', is the second largest marine geyser in the world and one of the most important attractions of the region. An amazing experience for everyone who visits it.

It's about a jester, that is to say, a natural chimney on the surface of a cliff that communicates with a cave, formed by the constant shock of the waves and that, when the sea water enters with force, causes the water to be expelled by that same jester.

This process generates a sound similar to what angry animals make, which is why they earned the name "La Bufadora".

The legend of the calf

Experience near Maglen resort: La Bufadora, Ensenada. Flickr Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/olebra/277774726/in/photolist-qxEKq-cVFbZE-6hLWx5-8MgYs3-5GSnqQ-2dbvQoR-Ke9af1-5WhnFv-GUh1h-8hVkZ4-5G-G7-6HPKZ4-6G-G7-6 dU8Cbc-i17X8-5pN4w5-2i1QGJ-5pN2Ky-57weJc-5GSnGd-5pHGnF-8ExwLg-Kh6p5x-y4XnQ-3KTNT4-K3Z5s2-JTPnXU-5Ke4YP-2kTUtE-2vQBHq-4iduTD-fgwhK-y4YYj-9uH3qX-i17A1-xGHPM-RJRdTU-i17S8- y4YYo-U7iyEp-xGHQ7-4VqXnJ-6m3RVJ-4dErCJ-NL81HQ-xceui-GUfL5-MZ475R-9xv6TZ-NWs1Cz

'La Bufadora' is not only surprising for being a natural wonder, but also for a sad legend that surrounds it.

It is said that in ancient times, a curious young gray whale that migrated along with its herd to the warm waters of the south, separated from the group and swam to Ensenada Bay.

In his mood to explore, the whale swam towards some rocks and got stuck. Seeking help from his group, he launched water jets again and again to alert them without getting an answer. With the passage of time, the young became stone and from that day, it does not stop throwing water at the visitors of the place.

What can I do in 'La Bufadora'?

But that's not all, because to enjoy all the splendor that this place has to show, you can do various water activities, such as renting a kayak or diving and snorkeling in Punta Banda, the nearest beach.

And for the most extreme, you can make an excursion to the cliff of La Poza, where you will have to rappel about 40 meters until you reach a natural sea pool. A paradise!

In addition, there is rental of horses and bicycles to make a fun tour of the viewpoint with the whole family. We recommend you bring some money in case you are interested in buying any of the crafts or gastronomy that you can find in the place.

And near there ... In the San Benito Islands, there is the majestic giant seaweed forest, through which you can dive and explore accompanied by certified guides.

In this place, considered as important for the ecosystem as a jungle, macroalgae can reach up to 80 meters high, among which inhabits a wide variety of fish (such as rock and garibaldi), crustaceans (such as snails and lobsters) and sea lions.

Giant Algae Forests

Giant seaweed forests are also known as kelp forests, sargassum forests or laminarial forests. In Mexico they mainly develop on the coasts of the peninsula of Baja California, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Publish couple CONABIO sur Mercredi 4 janvier 2017