5 wonderful beaches of Ensenada that will steal your breath

Ensenada is a land of wine and gastronomy, but also of natural wealth. Make your vacation an experience and escape to sunbathe on one of the wonderful beaches that Baja California has for you.

1.Beach The Mission

Mission Beach

The Mission is one of the most beautiful and closest public beaches to Maglén, located just 37 minutes from the resort. Here, you will have the opportunity to sunbathe, rest while having a delicious refreshing drink, or take a relaxing walk on the beach on horseback.

This beach offers a beautiful view of the sunset, as well as the possibility of camping and at night watching the wonderful starry sky of Baja California.

2. Hermosa Beach

Located in the southern part of Ensenada -less than 30 minutes from Maglén Resort- there is a beach of fine clear sand on which you can sunbathe while enjoying the landscape.

For the adventurous, Playa Hermosa is the ideal place to practice water activities such as surfing and diving, as it is located in the open sea.

3. The Lobera

La Lobera is a natural crater caused by erosion of the sea and one of Ensenada's best kept secrets. It is a secret beach located inside the crater, full of a variety of beautiful birds, seals and sea lions.

This wonder of nature is only an hour and 18 minutes away from Maglén Resort. It is recommended to arrive in a high or all terrain vehicle as the road is dirt, although surrounded by the stunning landscape of trees, sea, mountains and animals.

4. La Poza de la Escuadra in the Oasis of Santa María

Pool squad

Are you adventurous at heart? Then you need to know this scenario out of series. Walking up stream over the natural sanctuary Oasis of Santa Maria, in the municipality of Cataviña, you will find The Pool of the Squad, a natural pool of turquoise blue water fed by a small waterfall, accompanied by a virgin beach of fine white sand.

As if that were not enough, just 5 kilometers from San Antonio de las Minas, there are the famous Cave paintings of Cataviña, where you will see some samples of what the life of our ancestors was like.

Access to this place is somewhat complicated because it is still in a virgin state, so you must cross a dirt road and be accompanied by a guide. But the sacrifice is well worth this incredible experience.

The Oasis Santa María is about an hour from Maglén Resort.

5. San Miguel

San Miguel beach in Ensenada

This incredible rocky beach is located near one of the most prestigious areas of Ensenada, whose construction varies between the Californian and colonial style. San Miguel is characterized by its unique waves, by which different international surfing competitions are held every year.

It is one of the closest beaches, with a distance of 16 kilometers, that is, approximately 18 minutes from Maglén Resort.

Live the Maglen experience and know them all!