Tasting the sky is possible: Experience the wine route in Vinícola Maglén

Valle de Guadalupe is the land of love and wine; One of the best areas for the production of this drink in Mexico and the site where 90 percent of the wine is produced throughout the country.

The Wine Route is made up of the valleys of Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas, Ojos Negros, Santo Tomás, San Vicente, La Grulla, Tanamá, Las Palmas and San Valentín. As if that were not enough, she was blessed with beautiful landscapes of nature and a varied gastronomic offer.

The Guadalupe Valley has the ideal conditions for the development of different grape varieties. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the climatic sequence of warm daytime hours and cool nights, as well as the composition of the land, are factors that contribute to the development of the vineyards.

Are you interested in traveling the wine route?

You do not need to wait for the Harvest Festival, since it is possible to enjoy it all year.

Start by knowing Vinícola Maglén. Here you can visit its vineyards, ls cava and ls wine house, where you can taste the product of the grapes harvested a few meters away.

This place has a tasting room where you will find labels such as French Colombard, Chardonnay, Mix of Reds, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that arise from the production area that you will find at the same point.

But not only that, in Maglén we will achieve the perfect pairing between the house wine and traditional Ensenada cuisine, combined with the artistic touch of its chefs.

Check the Maglén social networks Well, there are constantly events that you will love, from a brunch 'wine and art', or nights of comedy, music and wine.

Now you know! If you plan to visit Ensenada, you cannot miss this corner full of flavor and culture.