Types of craft beer and its flavors: Everything you need to know about Route 90-8

Did you know that Ensenada is not only the capital of wine, but also of the craft beer? While these types of drinks are just beginning to take relevance in Mexico, they take the lead in Baja California

craft beer

And there is no excuse that is not valid to enjoy a good beer; However, it is not only a delight to celebrate, it is also necessary to know how to taste it.

Some people believe that craft beer is even "stronger" than commercial beer, however, this is nothing more than a myth. Here we will explain everything you need to know to declare yourself a connoisseur.

Craft beer must meet certain requirements to be considered as such.

For example, its annual production does not exceed 1% of the national beer market and is traditional, that is, it has malt, water, hops and yeast, being able to be added with extra inputs in order to exalt the flavors and encourage innovation (never to reduce costs).

craft beer

What types of craft beer exist?

We could classify them into two large families whose differentiating ingredient is yeast. We talk about Lagers and of Ales.

Lager beers

They are the ones that use lager yeast as a fermenter. In general they require low fermentation temperatures and long times (1 to 3 months), so they can only occur in the winter or in a cold room.

They are light in color and of low graduation (between 3.5 and 5%).

Ale beers

Also known as India Pale Ale or IPA, the Ale can be light or dark and contrary to the previous ones, they are high fermentation

In other words, it usually occurs at temperatures around 19 degrees for short periods, ranging from 5 to 7 days, usually followed by a second fermentation.

In general, this type of craft beer has quite a lot of hops and high alcohol content, although this may vary depending on the producer.

Stout and Porter beer

Also known as black beer In Spain, Stout is a very dark beer, made with a good proportion of roasted and caramelized malts, as well as a good dose of hops. It is a thick and creamy textured beer with a strong malt aroma and a sweet aftertaste.

Porter beers They are for many a type of Stout, but less dark and powerful. They are also ale beers with a nice color and also very rich in hops.

Your amount of alcohol is less than the previous ones.

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